A Prayer for Strength and Comfort for Single Mothers and Widows

Prayer for Strength and Comfort

Heavenly Father,

In the midst of life’s challenges, we turn to You, our source of strength and comfort. Today, we lift up single mothers and widows who carry the weight of responsibilities and the ache of loss. Embrace them with Your love and grant them the courage to face each day with hope.

Lord, during moments of weariness, be their refuge. When loneliness casts its shadow, be their constant companion. Wrap them in the warmth of Your divine love, reassuring them that they are never alone on this journey.

Grant them the wisdom to navigate the complexities of life and the grace to find joy in the midst of difficulties. Pour out Your Spirit upon them, filling their hearts with resilience and determination.

Bless them with a supportive community that understands and walks alongside them. May they find solace in the fellowship of fellow believers, knowing that together, they can bear one another’s burdens.

We entrust to Your care the unique challenges single mothers and widows face. Provide for their needs, both material and spiritual. May Your grace sustain them, and may they find rest in Your promises.

Holy Mary, Mother of consolation, intercede for these women. Help them feel the gentle embrace of your motherly care, knowing that you, too, faced challenges with unwavering faith.

In moments of doubt, turn their gaze to the cross, where Your Son, Jesus, bore our sorrows. May they find strength in His sacrifice and comfort in the knowledge that He walks with them every step of the way.

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We offer this prayer in faith, trusting in Your boundless mercy and love.



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