Prayer to ask for healing from Jesus Christ today

Healing from Jesus Christ

“Heavenly Father,

We come before you today as Catholic women, your daughters in faith, seeking the healing touch of your Son, Jesus Christ. We believe in His miraculous power to mend our brokenness and bring restoration to our lives.

Lord Jesus, Divine Physician, you walked among us, healing the sick and comforting the afflicted. We place our trust in you, knowing that you are the source of all healing and grace. Just as you reached out to the woman who touched the hem of your garment, we reach out to you today, seeking your healing presence.

In the depths of our hearts, we carry our physical ailments and illnesses. We ask for your healing touch to restore our bodies to health. May your divine light shine upon us, alleviating our pain and bringing comfort to our suffering.

We also acknowledge the wounds of our souls, the hurts, and the burdens that we carry. Heal the scars of past sins and grant us the grace of reconciliation. Help us to forgive others as you have forgiven us, so that we may experience the freedom of your love and mercy.

Lord, we lift up the emotional and spiritual wounds we bear. Heal our hearts from grief, anxiety, and despair. Pour your peace into our troubled souls and strengthen our faith in your unfailing love.

We pray for the healing of our relationships, within our families, friendships, and communities. Grant us the grace to mend what is broken, to reconcile with those we have distanced from, and to build bridges of love and understanding.

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Lord Jesus, you are our hope and our refuge. We entrust ourselves to your loving care, confident that your healing power transcends all human limitations. May our faith in you be a testament to your glory and grace.

In your holy name, Jesus Christ, we humbly offer these prayers for healing today, trusting that your will be done.


May this prayer bring comfort and solace to you, reminding you of the compassionate and healing presence of Jesus Christ in your life.


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