20 Stunning Images of Full Solar Eclipse 2024

The celestial wonders never cease to captivate the human imagination, and one of the most awe-inspiring events in the astronomical calendar is the solar eclipse. On April 8, 2024, the world witnessed a breathtaking display of cosmic ballet as the Moon perfectly aligned itself between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow over the land in a rare and magnificent total solar eclipse.

As millions of people across North America gathered to witness this phenomenon, photographers and astronomy enthusiasts alike aimed their lenses towards the sky to capture the magic unfolding above. The result? A stunning collection of images showcasing the beauty and grandeur of the full solar eclipse of 2024.

1. Cleveland by Gabe Wasylko

2. Montréal by Anaïs Remili

3. Cleveland goes dark in this time-lapse by Alex Farmer

4. The eclipsed sun passes behind the Statue of Liberty in New York City by Gary Hershorn

5. Solar prominences by Trevor Mahlmann

6. Moon’s shadow seen from space during total solar eclipse

7. Mansfield by Deran Hall

8. Dallas by Summer Galvez

9. Mazatlán, Mexico. The first city to experience totality.


10. Solar #Eclipse2024 time-lapse from Dallas

11. The eclipse enters totality and a diamond ring appears. Jackson, Missouri, by Barry Butler Photography.

12. The solar eclipse from a Starlink satellite on orbit

13. A plane flying through the total #Eclipse2024 in Jonesboro by Kendall Rust

14. The entire sequence of the eclipse by John Kraus

15. Solar eclipse in Niagara Falls

16. The total solar eclipse captured with a hyperlapse video using a drone

17. Today, Red Bull “captured a photo to eclipse all others”.

Pilots Kevin Coleman and Pete McLeod had to fly in tandem a mere four feet apart for this jaw-dropping stunt.

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Credits: Dustin Snipes, Mason Mashon and Peter McKinnon / Red Bull Content Pool

18. Mazatlan eclipse by Dr Manhattva

19. Eclipse timelapse in Burlington, Vermont

20. According to NASA, the next total solar eclipse that will travel across the lower 48 states of the US from coast to coast is in 2045

The full solar eclipse of 2024 provided a moment of celestial wonder and awe-inspiring beauty for millions worldwide. Through the lens of photographers and observers, we were treated to a visual feast of stunning images that captured the magic and majesty of this rare cosmic event.

As we eagerly await the next solar eclipse, let these images serve as a reminder of the enduring wonder and fascination of the universe surrounding us.


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