Use This Powerful Prayer to Ask Pray for a Miracle This Week and St. Anthony Will Make it Happen for You

Blessed be the Divine in His Celestial Host and in His Beloved Saints.

Saint Anthony, the embodiment of compassion and grace, your profound devotion to the Divine and boundless love for His creation elevated you to wield extraordinary gifts during your earthly sojourn.

Miracles unfolded at your mere utterance, poised to alleviate the distress and apprehension of those in need. Strengthened by this assurance, I beseech you to intercede on my behalf for the blessings I now implore (mention your request here).

Though the response to my plea may necessitate a marvel, you, dear Saint, are the Patron of Miracles.

Oh, tender and benevolent Saint Anthony, whose heart overflowed with empathy, convey my entreaty to the ears of the Infant Jesus, who delighted in your embrace… and the gratitude within my heart shall forever be dedicated to you. Amen.

Prayer to St. Anthony of Padua  Performer of Miracles

Beloved Saint Anthony, whose supplications wrought miracles in days of yore, it appears you yet navigate the domains of both humble and profound wonders.

O Saint Anthony, Conductor of Miracles, I beseech you to secure for me the blessings that God, in His benevolence, sets aside for devoted servants. Plead on my behalf, that I may prove deserving of the pledges my Lord Jesus bestows upon fervent entreaty.

[Express your personal intentions here]

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