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Nestled in the serene countryside of Champion, Wisconsin, the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion stands as a beacon of spiritual significance and historical wonder. This sacred site holds the unique distinction of being the only Marian apparition in the United States approved by the Catholic Church.

While many might be familiar with the grandeur of Marian apparitions in places like Lourdes or Fatima, the story of Our Lady of Champion is a lesser-known yet profoundly compelling chapter in the tapestry of Marian devotion.

The Apparition of Our Lady of Champion

The story begins in 1859 when a Belgian immigrant named Adele Brise experienced a series of apparitions of the Virgin Mary. While walking through the woods, Adele encountered a woman clothed in dazzling white with a crown of stars around her head.

This ethereal figure introduced herself as the “Queen of Heaven who prays for the conversion of sinners” and implored Adele to “gather the children in this wild country and teach them what they should know for salvation.”

Adele, a devout young woman, took the message to heart. She began traveling from home to home, despite the hardships and dangers, to catechize children and adults. Her commitment to fulfilling the Blessed Mother’s request laid the foundation for what would eventually become the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion.

The Path to Church Approval

The journey to official recognition by the Catholic Church was long and meticulous. For over a century, the site remained a place of local pilgrimage and devotion. It wasn’t until December 8, 2010, that Bishop David Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay officially declared the apparitions as “worthy of belief.” This declaration was a culmination of extensive research, prayer, and examination of the historical accounts and testimonies surrounding the apparitions.

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Bishop Ricken’s decree affirmed the supernatural character of the apparitions, making Our Lady of Champion the first and only Marian apparition in the United States to receive such approval. This momentous event has since elevated the shrine to a national and international pilgrimage destination.

The Shrine Today

Today, the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion is a vibrant center of faith and devotion. Pilgrims from across the globe visit the shrine to seek solace, offer prayers, and partake in the sacraments. The site features a chapel where the apparitions took place, as well as outdoor Stations of the Cross, a rosary walk, and various devotional areas that invite reflection and prayer.

One of the shrine’s most moving traditions is the annual Walk to Mary pilgrimage, held each May. Pilgrims journey from the National Shrine of St. Joseph in De Pere, Wisconsin, to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion, covering a distance of over 21 miles. This pilgrimage not only commemorates Adele Brise’s dedication to spreading the teachings of the Virgin Mary but also serves as a powerful testament to the enduring faith of the Catholic community.

10 Lesser-Known Facts about our Lady of Champion Apparitions

1. Miraculous Preservation

One of the most remarkable stories associated with the shrine is the Great Peshtigo Fire of 1871. As the deadliest wildfire in American history raged across northeastern Wisconsin, Adele Brise and several others sought refuge at the shrine. They prayed fervently, and miraculously, although the surrounding area was devastated, the shrine and its grounds were left untouched.

2. Hidden Relic

Within the shrine’s grounds lies a small, unassuming cemetery where Adele Brise is buried. Her gravesite has become a place of quiet pilgrimage, with many visitors leaving tokens of gratitude and prayers for her intercession.

3. Educational Mission

True to the Virgin Mary’s request, the shrine continues to emphasize catechesis and education. It offers a variety of programs, retreats, and events designed to deepen the understanding of the Catholic faith and promote spiritual growth.

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4. The Water of Champion

A spring located near the shrine is believed to have healing properties. Many pilgrims collect the water, attributing miraculous cures and blessings to its use.

5. Historical Chapel

The original chapel built by Adele Brise’s father, Lambert Brise, still stands and is incorporated into the modern shrine complex. This chapel is where the Virgin Mary first appeared to Adele.

6. Devotional Promises

Several devotees have reported receiving personal promises and messages during their visits to the shrine, particularly those involving the wellbeing and protection of their families.

7. Annual Celebrations

The shrine hosts a variety of annual events, including special masses and processions on significant Marian feast days, drawing pilgrims from around the world.

8. Quiet Retreats

The shrine offers silent retreat opportunities for those seeking deeper spiritual renewal and reflection in a tranquil setting.

9. Volunteer Community

A dedicated group of volunteers plays a crucial role in maintaining the shrine and assisting pilgrims, continuing the spirit of service that Adele Brise embodied.

10. Global Pilgrimage Site

Despite its rural location, the shrine attracts a diverse array of visitors from around the globe, each bringing their own stories of faith and seeking the intercession of Our Lady of Champion.


The National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion stands as a testament to faith, perseverance, and the enduring power of the Virgin Mary’s intercession. Its unique status as the only Church-approved Marian apparition site in the United States adds a profound dimension to its significance.

For those seeking a deeper connection with their faith, a visit to this holy site offers an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of a humble Belgian immigrant who answered a divine call and left an indelible mark on the spiritual landscape of America.


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